Contrary to ism that we carry on our head,

sometimes, cogitating over

so and so succinct one or an entire thread

seems to be a sign of mine we discover

Locked by land,

from where thousand and thousand,

to join mouth and hand,

never reluctant to stand

in a queue; cerebrum “Last day, they flew!”

Reverberates the remnant of reds’ rant

against orchestra of orison, they chant

slogan of revolution with hike in price

same strike strikes bringing vice versus vice

“Bought but not brought…”, said I.

If only this self could know whether or not

it was a rational reply

to our instructor’s interrogation

“Hey guy, did you buy…?”.

Blushing with shy, we bade that moment bye.

As he didn’t ask why,

we kept trying; flying in an empyrean sky

Grinding teeth at globalization’s galvanizing,

time cannot be retraced

yet nostalgia knocks the door

every single time they appear on the floor

as crowd shouts loud with songs of Tihar

as culture must be embraced

no alternative to let it exhilarate,

hopes rising and rising

Albeit we have come to the home

from the same womb,

continents apart do we dwell now

so many things to tell but how

Let the globe revolve its way

yet wish some day

we gather in good mood

and cherish charms of childhood

Sir Francis Bacon is often quoted to have said, “Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.” There’s no consensus among bibliophiles as far as tradition of reading during festival is concerned. A portion of people prefers turning pages. On the contrary, other adore…

When time was to rejoice

marble, festival & dribbling

Listening to my inner voice

I squandered it scribbling

Confined that childish self

in front of TV; watching news

Why didn’t I ask for help?

in exploring various views

Revolving round the burning star

brings before us one more chance

returning home from places far

teaches them to shout and dance

Whether we subscribe to it or not

notifies nation- break they take

vacation is all you have got

review this life; you must make

Prolongs the thirst for joyful time

as countdown commences soon

select one from prose and rhyme

page-turners beguiled with boon



Dither development; deter doers

deify demagogues; demonize donors

Crag ? so drag and brag, cling to dancing

to the timeless tune of trespassers

They say travelling is fun. Undoubtedly, it is. Although I, like umpteen mass in this known section of our universe, have been a hodophile, it always requires one a plentiful preparation for an abundant expedition. Except scattered fragments of desire for an excursion, hectic schedule never allows me to dare…

When they say -
today marks
Friendship Day
To myself, I ask -

Who’s your friend ?
afore my mirror
greetings to send
couldn’t find dearer

Brother, my dear brother
when you said to a media person
life has been like that in an arson
there, there in your city weep souls
rulers are still assiduous at fouls
Brother, my dear brother
I know how you must feel
the war like meagre, reel
when what you could hear is ambulance
and dead bodies wrapped you glance

My prayers for you brother,
please stay strong and be safe

It was on my biology class
It was on my biology class
that my teacher asked me
to write that recognizes thee-
Periplaneta americana
whenever I enter my kitchen
at midnight
afore I have my sight
on the switch; now- light !
there’s your gang -
flying, running and playing
Oh yeah ! playing drumset
on my utensils, on my dishes
Nickelodeon used to be fun
when Oggy used to run
after you three
Periplaneta, were those your coach
then why they call you cockroach?

Kasam Pokhrel

May God bless everyone!

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