Wuthering Heights

When Catherine climbs the heath
and shouts “ Heathcliff, Heathcliff…”,
upland with winds, wind with upland
She adds, “ It’s no good hiding.”
Appears her Heathcliff out there,
who is more herself than she is
But for this novel, I’d have missed it.
Much more to learn from the Moors
Poor Edgar, the only gentleman
Hindley, I loathe you Hindley
Mr.Earnshaw, a generous person
Isabella, unfortunately fortunate one
Victorian novel couldn’t have been better ; I hope I’ll visit Bronte Parsonage museum someday and pay tributes to genius litterateurs Emily, Charlotte and Anne
July 30 marks Emily’s birthday, she passed away at thirty. This reminded me of other great ones like Keats and Sylvia Plath
Wuthering Heights is incomparable, at least for me
if not for thee